Who we are

Escape Intervention Services Ltd

We at Escape Intervention Services believe that everyone should have a chance to reach their true potential in life. We work with 4-25 year olds and their parents/carers.  It is our goal to help and support as many children, young people and their families to overcome any barriers to personal success through using a holistic approach – treatment of the whole person, taking into account all factors that contribute to their problems, rather than just the symptoms of distress

It is important to us that you come to understand how you are feeling and find ways to feel better, rather than suffer and think that you have to, as your wellbeing and mental health is so very important to all areas of your life!

You will hear the word holistic a lot throughout your journey with Escape Interventions – it is a word that is important to us all here!  It is what makes our service unique and a success, as we provide support that looks at the whole person, which is vitally important in gaining balance in our lives to maintain emotional and physical well-being.

We ensure your therapies with us are tailored to your needs; they are not time-limited as each person’s journey is different and you will receive as many sessions as necessary to improve your mental health. 

How can I access Escape Intervention Services

There is no charge to use our services, they are free of charge.

You can refer yourself by telephone or email, or be referred to us from another service e.g. Social Worker, School, Health professional.  We will take your details and a brief outline of the difficulties you are facing. An assessment will then be arranged for you to discuss our services further and how we can help meet your needs. This assessment usually takes one hour.

Your time with Escape Interventions is suited to your individual needs – so the assessment is very important in working out what is best to allow you to gain the full benefit of our services.  Your therapy might  be counselling on its own, or counselling alongside complementary therapies such as massage etc. We have a programme of free outdoor and creative activities for young people, aged 11-18 years, to attend either as a therapy in itself or alongside counselling. 


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