A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer (usually within the browser) to inform a website how you have used it before. This means that when you go back to that website, it can give a website specific information, depending on the type of information recorded in the cookie. Here we will explain what types of cookie we use on this website.

Like most websites, this website uses cookies. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you are happy with this website’s use of cookies. We use cookies to help the Content Management System (WordPress) operate and do not store any personal data in cookies; these cookies we deem to be essential to normal functioning. Some cookies will store your functional preferences on the website appearance (such as text size) and other cookies will allow us to track things like how many people visit the website (Google Analytics); but these cookies are impersonal and anonymous regarding your personal data. We are not using any tracking cookies that originate from third parties (such as advertisers).

For more information generally on cookies, including how to disable them, please refer to the instructions for your web browser or reliable websites. You can normally alter the settings of your browser to prevent it from accepting cookies; this, however, may affect the normal functioning of the website.

This information is up to date as of 21st January 2018.