Escape Intervention Services

General advice:
We offer advice and guidance around parenting and managing difficult situations within the family, in order to build positive relationships.

Mediation services:
We offer mediation within families to reduce conflict and build positive relationships, and also support parents by offering mediation between parents and school, where there are unresolved or difficult relationships/issues.

Community services:
We offer our services within community settings e.g. schools, community centres etc. and can provide home visits when necessary.

We provide free creative and outdoor activities to young people aged 11-18years living in the borough, which are funded through Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund.

We are Escape Intervention

To promote the emotional, social, educational and vocational competence of children and young people, by offering a range of therapeutic interventions, including counselling, advice, guidance and support, to enable them to reach their potential and remove the barriers to personal success.

We work in collaboration and partnership with local agencies to ensure that young people have access to appropriate services to meet their individual needs in a timely manner, in an environment which is comfortable and welcoming.

We aim to support other voluntary and statutory sector organisations to provide the required level of intervention based on the identified needs of individuals and families.

We aim to use a comprehensive, holistic approach to effectively address the problems experienced by young people and their parents/carers, in order to enhance the life chances of individuals. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, which is not time-limited, we recognise the benefits of using a range of techniques and interventions based on evidence based practice to promote the wellbeing of clients.